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My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, pencil artist. I create colored pencil drawings of superheroes and movie characters. All of my drawings are accompanied by videos that show the techniques behind them. I am really surprised by the number of people who are interested in drawing. Others are just curious about the process of drawing and want to peep behind the curtain to see how such work is done. This makes me feel even more inspired to do and offer more and provide and share my knowledge in drawing through my demonstrational videos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will reply within 12 hours. Also, don't forget to leave some comments, so I can notice that you've stopped by.

My latest colored pencil drawing ↓

My colored pencil drawings - Marvel movie characters:

One of my commission drawings, done for Carolina International Trucks & Idealease.

Commissioned fanart. I used colored pencils for Iron Man and soft pastel powder for the background.

If you are considering purchasing some of my existing original drawings (that you've seen in my YouTube videos or anywhere else), you can buy them on my web page. Many of the originals are on sale-90% off.

My colored pencil portraits:

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You can contact me via email: jasminasusak00@gmail.com
I will reply within 12 hours.

You can also contact me on Facebook, deviantART.

Jet Li shared my drawing of him on his Instagram page

Get the print of my Tigers drawing. Available on deviantART

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